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Monday OCT, 22 2018
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California Association Of Alcoholism And

California Association Of Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Counselors CAADAC
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Contact: California Association Of Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Counselors CAADAC
California Association Of Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Counselors CAADAC
3400 Bradshaw Road Suite B
Sacramento, CA 95827
Phone: (916) 368-9412
Fax: (916) 368-9424

The History of Credentialing for Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors

CARD (Counselors on Alcoholism & Related Disorders) formed in Los Angeles. Group called together by Robert T. Dorris. Name suggested by Rufus Walder, M.D., then Medical Director of Pacific Bell Telephone Co., Pasadena (now Medical Director of Jet Propulsion Laboratories). Robert T. Dorris elected President of CARD by newly formed Board. Doyle Lindley elected Vice President.

CARD becomes a California nonprofit corporation, tax exempt in California.

CARD obtains permission from UCLA to begin training classes in the Medical Extension Department: Charles E. Schoettlin, M.D., University Sponsor. 355 students register for the first three-quarter course.

CARD receives federal tax exempt status (C-3).

Spring 1969: 255 students complete CARD course at UCLA.

Fall 1969: CARD course started at U.C., San Diego and U.C., Riverside in Extension Departments.

CARD courses founded at U.C., Irvine and Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.

CARD course started at Fitzberg College, Fitzberg, Massachusetts.

CARD renamed CAARD (Counselors on Alcoholism, Addictions and Related Disorders) to include drug abuse counselors.

CAARD begins study and documentation of criteria for counselors.

NIAAA awards contract to Roy Littlejohn Associated for creation of counselor standards criteria.

NAACT (National Association of Alcoholism Counselors and Trainers) founded in Washington, D.C., by Matt Rose, et al.

Winter 1974: CAARD represented on National Advisory Board to Roy Littlejohn study.

Spring 1974: CAARD and NAACT begin discussing merger of the two counselor associations. CAARD now has 1800 members, 1000 of whom are in California.

Summer, June 14,1974: NAACT Incorporation meeting in Washington, D.C. Robert T. Dorris elected President: Mel Schulstad and W.W. Williams elected as Vice Presidents: Shirley Fisher, Secretary: Fenton Moss, Treasurer, and Matt Rose selected Executive Director

Summer 1974: CAARD Board votes to affiliate with NAACT.

October 11, 1974: NAACT receives corporation charters in California and in Georgia.

December 11, 1974: CAARD and NAACT hold joint meeting in San Francisco. Vote to accept and use Roy Littlejohn report as basis of national standards for alcoholism counselors.

February 26, 1975: Robert T. Dorris CAARD Executive Director, asked to serve as consultant to the California Office of Alcohol Program Management under then Director Loran D. Archer.
NIAAA cancels Littlejohn implementation contract without public explanation. (This is still a mystery.)
March 25, 1977: Rita Sainz, Director of California Office of Alcoholism, issues a memorandum stating that "the Office of Alcoholism will no longer take an active role in the encouragement or development of a certification process for alcoholism personnel in California."
Robert T. Dorris resigns as Executive Director of CAARD. Robert Hans is hired as new director by the Board.

Despite urging by Robert T. Dorris to change CAARD's name to the California Association of Alcoholism Counselors (CAAC), in keeping with other states affiliated with NAACT, CAARD Board of Directors strongly resists such a change.

December 4, 1979: CAAC incorporated as a California nonprofit corporation by Arthur R. Hall, Harry D. Steward, Esq., and Jesse F. MacBeth.

CAAC begins activities to credential alcoholism counselors and is recognized by NAACT (later to become NAAC and finally, NAADAC) as official California representation on its Board of Directors. CAAC now has 300 members.

October 24, 1984: CAAC changes its name to CAADAC (California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors).

Fall 1986: CAADAC is granted reciprocity with 24 other states for certified counselors by the Certification Reciprocity Consortium.

Spring 1986: Federal standards are finalized and the National Commission begins accreditation credentialing bodies and a roster of accredited state credentialing bodies begins to secure third party reimbursement.

CAADAC lobbies and initiates legislation for recognition of certified alcohol counselors. CAADAC's membership has increased to 1200 members.

CAADAC separates the certification process to the autonomous CCBADC and establishes new standards which meet national standards.

Fall 1987: CCBADC granted full Charter accreditation by NCAADAACB.

October, 1987: ICRC/AODA approved combined alcohol and other drug credential. ICRC membership now totals 30 states.

November, 1999: ICRC/AODA now totals 60 member boards, including 7 countries, 7 Indian Health Services, 5 branches of US Armed Services, 41 States, the Administrative Office of the Courts of the United States and the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities.

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