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Thursday SEP, 20 2018
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Community Legacy Program

Community Legacy Program
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Contact: Community Legacy Program
Community Legacy Program
3625 N. Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR 97227
Phone: 503-546-7499
Fax: 503-331-1873

Our United Villages is a local non-profit organization. Community Outreach provides resources and opportunities for neighbors to get to know one another.

Working from the roots we bring people together to share their ideas to inspire practices that strengthen community. We believe that neighborhoods that recognize the strengths, talents and resources of each individual create a healthier, more vibrant community.

Community Outreach convenes, consults and catalyzes community-building efforts.

We sponsor events where people come together, discover their common interests, and develop their ideas that benefit the community as a whole.

We provide free consultations and brainstorming sessions during which we listen, brainstorm, strategize, and give feedback to individuals or groups working to make a positive difference.

We are a springboard for individuals and groups to turn their ideas into action. We share inspirational stories and experiences of people working together to inspire others.


Our United Villages was inspired when a small group of neighbors gathered around their kitchen tables to talk about problems that plagued their neighborhood. They asked questions such as: “Why, with all of society’s immense resources, do social problems like isolation, violence, poverty, crime, and fear persist in our neighborhood?” They decided to work together and look within, drawing on their own experiences, creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm, to address these problems.

As they reached out to other neighbors, they learned that many people didn’t know each other and felt disconnected in their own neighborhood. As neighbors talked more, they discovered many similar hopes and dreams for their neighborhood. Together, they explored ideas for how to overcome these feelings of isolation and the lack of communication. Before long, neighbors were working together—with common goals and visions— to benefit the entire community. Individuals of different ages and social, economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds were able to work side–by–side in the healthy development of their community.

Through this experience, Our United Villages learned that a great deal of the discontent that is at the roots of society’s social problems is caused by a lack of deeper connections between people who share communities.

Our United Villages was founded in 1997 because these neighbors proved that the capacity to make a positive difference and solve problems in our communities exists within us and each other. It begins with people connecting with one another and working together to achieve commonly held hopes and dreams for the future of their neighborhood.

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