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Monday OCT, 22 2018
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Pfeiffer Treatment Center

Pfeiffer Treatment Center
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Contact: Pfeiffer Treatment Center
Pfeiffer Treatment Center
4575 Weaver Parkway
Warrenville, IL 60555
Phone: (630) 505-0300

The Pfeiffer Treatment Center is a nonprofit medical research and treatment facility in Warrenville, Illinois specializing in research and treatment of biochemical imbalances. Since the center opened in 1989, we serve nearly 10,000 patients every year who suffer from behavior dysfunctions, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, learning disorders, or anxiety by balancing body and brain chemistry. Pfeiffer Medical Center is for profit organization treating patients and has been working since 2007 with Pfeiffer Treatment Center and it's patients.

The Pfeiffer Medical Center, the medical clinic of the Health Research Institute (HRI), is staffed by a team of physicians, practitioners, chemists, and other professionals who specialize in the effects of biochemistry on behavior, thought, and mood. The on-site HRI Pharmacy compounds nutrients hormones, and other biochemicals to reduce the number of pills in a prescription using customized methods and equipment.

Biochemical Evaluation and Treatments

During each initial outpatient visit, a physical exam, a medical and social history, and laboratory tests are conducted to identify specific imbalances. Pfeiffer’s comprehensive evaluation determines whether the patient has an imbalance in metal metabolism, methylation, heavy metals, absorption, essential fatty acids or amino acids. An individualized treatment program is then created with the goal of restoring proper biochemical functioning. Treatment programs might include such biochemicals as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Biochemical therapy is not an alternative to traditional drug therapies; it complements other treatment methods. This therapy can be used in conjunction with prescription medications, which may be eventually reduced or phased out altogether as the biochemistry is balanced. Pfeiffer encourages patients to seek counseling and use other therapies that may work well with our treatment.

Services Provided
ADHD,Alzheimer's,Autism,Behavioral Health

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