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Friday SEP, 21 2018
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STAR Services

STAR Services
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Contact: STAR Services
STAR Services
1295 Bandana Blvd Suite135
St. Paul, MN 55108
Ramsey County
Phone: 6516443140 Ext: 261
Fax: 6516410346

About STAR Services

STAR Services is a unique company designed to meet the ever changing needs of the human services field. Founded in 1998, STAR Services has recognized and met the needs of individuals, service providers, families, and staff, to enhance the services being provided to individuals with disabilities. We provide a variety of supports and solutions including temporary staffing services; classroom, onsite, and online training; compliance and program consulting; and assistance with human resources, business management, and financial needs.

The services we provide are as unique and diverse as the agencies with whom we work and are tailored to meet each agency’s specific requirements. In an uncertain political and financial climate, our customers look for solutions to their organizational needs that may not require them to bring individuals onto their payroll. We can help you meet this need through a variety of services including temporary staffing, quality assurance audits, and training. Many customers often use our supports heavily through times of change, expansion, or uncertainty, and then taper back when needs stabilize. Other customers use us permanently for certain tasks or supports as part of their organizational design. Through training, consulting, or customized supports, STAR Services will help you gain the skills, understanding, and confidence to succeed in this field.

Who works with STAR Services? We work with every imaginable type of disability provider. Our customers are large and small, rural and urban, established and emerging, those that represent residential and vocational providers and those who offer services designed for independence.

Do you find yourself asking:
How do I start a business in the human services field?

Are we in compliance with all of the rules and regulations we are required to follow?

How can we successfully incorporate Person-Centered Services into our business in a way that benefits the individuals we support and our business?

How can we grow and expand into different service areas?

These are only some of the ways that STAR Services can help. Learn applicable information related to your needs and questions; grow in your understanding of service delivery and design; and excel in the care you provide to individuals. Our consultants, trainers, and staffing experts are excited and ready to assist you in your areas of need!

We hope you will consider STAR Services as a partner in providing excellent services to individuals with disabilities. We look forward to earning and keeping your business!

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STAR Services St. Paul, MN Company Information and Description