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Thursday SEP, 20 2018

Hospice Compassus Website

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Hospice Compassus web site

Hospice Compassus Is The Pre-Eminent American Healthcare Provider Dedicated To Delivering Unsurpassed Comfort To Those Needing Compassionate Navigation Through Life's Closing Chapters. Hospice Compassus Adheres To And Promotes Patient-Centered, Evidenced-Based, Care Delivery That Has Reformed American Healthcare And Generates Unparalleled Value By Having Reversed The Twin Trends Of Inferior Patient Outcomes And Upward-Spiraling Costs. Hospice Compassus Achieved And Maintains This Leadership Position By Serving The Needs And Fulfilling The Expectations Of Its Critical Constituencies, Three Of Which Are As Follows: For Patients And Their Families, Hospice Compassus Is The Team Of Professional Caregivers That Help Them… • Take Care Of Their Physical, Emotional, And Spiritual Needs When They Know They Or Their Loved Ones Are Dying; • Understand The Possibilities And Limitations Of Healthcare And The Roles It Can Play In The Fullness Of Their Lives; And • Alleviate Suffering And Find The Meaning And Love In Sad And Trying Circumstances. For Physicians And The Providers Physicians Are Associated With, Hospice Compassus … • Provides The Team Of Professional That Delivers The Care That Is Scientifically Proven To Increase The Life Expectancy And Quality Of Life For Their Frail And Failing Patients; • Supports Their Practice Of Medicine In The Manner They Know Is Best For Their Patients; And • Encourages Their Reaching Out To Their Peers And Supports Them By Placing Hospice Compassus’s Advocacy And Full Network Of Resources At Their Disposal. For Colleagues, Hospice Compassus Provides … • Tools And Resources Required For Delivering Superior Care Under Challenging Conditions; • Visionary Education And Training, Enabling Professional Understanding, Competence, And Mastery; • Skilled, Enlightened, And Fair Supervision And Leadership, Enabling Top-Quality Patient Care Outcomes, And A Compassionate And Supportive Work Environment; • Competitively Superior Income Opportunities; And • High Purpose And A Clear Vision In Support Of Individual Development And Achievement Towrd Making A Significant Difference In The World. web site

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